Looking Forward to Seeing Y’all in Texas!


Our team is very excited to be together in Dallas April 2-5 for The Beryl Institute’s PX 2019! We hope that you will be there and that we can connect in person. There are so many things to love about this event so we thought we’d have some of our team members share part of what they’re looking forward to most about this year’s conference.

Pamela Hessler, Senior Consultant
“My favorite thing is being able to put a face with a name (or organization). And it’s my first time going as a CPXP!”

Editor’s note: Pamela is just returning from maternity leave so when we see her in Texas it will be the first time in 3 months! So, if you stop by, ask her about her sweet little boy!

Jen Schugel, Senior Consultant
“I look forward to networking with other patient experience professionals in sessions and at our booth!”

Editor’s note: Jen has been working with her Golden Retriever puppy, Eddie, to have him trained as a therapy dog so they can volunteer together in hospitals. So if you stop by, ask her about her adventures with Eddie.

Kevin Campbell, Founding Partner
“I look forward to spending time with the DTA team since some of us don’t see each other very often!”

Editor’s note: I pointed out to Kevin that this makes it sound like he doesn’t want to mix and mingle with other people to which he replied, “I was just trying to say something that didn’t overlap with everyone else!” Don’t worry, he’s very friendly. Please do stop by and say “hello!”

Nicole Braegelmann, Senior Consultant
“I am excited to hang out with DTA as well because we’re the best. And I’m excited to see where our booth is (hopefully not in the basement)!”

Editor’s note: Nicole is our restaurant aficionado and was nominated by the entire team to find the best restaurants in Dallas! So, if you stop by, ask her about a few of the many she narrowed it down to and would recommend!

Janiece Gray, Founding Partner
“I’m looking forward to our pre-conference workshop on Care Transitions!”

Editor’s note: Janiece’s favorite outing in Dallas is to the Book Depository Museum and she secretly hopes to sneak out and take her team there. Shhhh….

So as you can see, we are all excited (for various reasons) to be in Texas next week! Hope you can join us! If you’ll be there, please do stop by our booth and say “hello!”

Actual Editor’s note: We at DTA Healthcare Solutions sincerely apologize for Janiece’s excessive use of exclamation points. We intend to use the opportunity afforded by being together as a team at the conference next week to confront her on this egregious habit. As a matter of fact, you are all invited to join us in this convention exclamation intervention.

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Janiece Gray

I began my career as a social worker and later, with my Master of Health Administration (MHA), directed operations at Allina Health in Minnesota. I later directed patient experience at Allina. My background and experience give me strengths in approaching healthcare opportunities and challenges through a systems lens – with unique strengths, challenges and activation points. My experience is also informed by leadership roles leading performance improvement in patient-centered care and patient experience departments. Working in the client role with healthcare consulting firms inspired me to address some unmet needs in the industry, and to co-found DTA Healthcare Solutions. I have a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and find that the discipline of practice translates to healthcare work very well.

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