Technology / Tools

DTA has worked closely with health care leaders and stakeholders to develop leading-edge software tools that directly advance patient and family-centered care by supporting coaches and the optimization of healthcare data. Our technology is the result of years of industry experience working in the trenches with healthcare professionals to improve outcomes. The result is a set of streamlined, intuitive tools that help you make the most of your organization’s most valuable assets – your people and your data. See it to believe it! Get in touch for a no-obligation demo and let us show you how DTA technology is transforming data into improved patient experience outcomes.

Compendium Data Catalog

  • Flexible, web-based BI object catalog
  • Searchable and user-updateable metadata repository
  • Streamlined, user-friendly, web-based interface
  • Create custom hierarchies and other admin features
  • Includes automated crystal report inventory and documentation with sql parsing

Coaching Reporting Tool

  • Allows coaches to easily create meaningful follow-up reports for those coached, improving efficiency
  • Allows customization for key patient- and family-centered care practices and why they’re important
  • Quickly generates cohort analysis and trends while maintaining the relationship between the coach and the participant
  • Cuts down reporting time so coaches can focus on coaching

We’ve helped clients across the country accelerate toward value-based healthcare delivery.

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