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Choosing among healthcare consulting firms isn’t easy. DTA Healthcare Solutions differs in its lean, streamlined and creative approach. If you need help improving healthcare analytics infrastructure, standardizing and governing metrics, or improving patient experience, trust our proven track record. While many healthcare consulting firms use off-the-shelf solutions, we leverage the unique strengths of your organization and the talents of your staff and physicians to understand real opportunities for change.

Kevin Campbell

CEO and Founding Partner

Enterprise Data Warehouse Architect, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

I have over twenty years of experience in healthcare business intelligence and performance improvement, including developing enterprise data warehouses for large hospital and clinic systems. My work with other healthcare consulting firms and desire to help healthcare organizations leverage scarce resources through innovative approaches led me to co-found DTA; I believe we offer a unique value and perspective to organizations struggling with outcomes stagnation or other problems. I’m also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and like Janiece, I find the practice applicable to a variety of healthcare challenges.

Defy the Asymptote!

DTA stands for “Defy the Asymptote.” An asymptote is a math term for an imaginary line (or limit) that an equation approaches but never touches. For example, on the left side of the graph shown below, no matter how big X gets, Y will get closer and closer to the asymptote but never reach it. If you are faced with a sticky spot in healthcare outcomes improvement, you understand what we mean. Your asymptote may be patient satisfaction scores that have plateaued, data warehousing projects that go on forever without concrete results, a lack of meaningful information supplied by your analytics, or any challenge where progress continually reveals itself as an illusion – and problems stubbornly remain.

The healthcare data and patient experience experts at DTA use the asymptote concept as a tongue-in-cheek explanation of what we do, but our methods are serious innovation. Defying an asymptote requires a fresh approach, a unique perspective, and unexpected angles, tools, and methods.

Asymptote Graph

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