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‘Tis the Season… for Burnout

By Pamela Hessler / December 19, 2019

Isn’t it ironic that the time of year that is known for bringing the most joy also tends to bring…

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DTA Coaching Community – Interview with Sherry Jones

By Janiece Gray / December 4, 2019

As you probably know by now (if you follow our blogs) over the past several months, on the first Monday…

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Service Culture – You Know It When You See It: Surrounded by Love

By Janiece Gray / October 10, 2019

Just yesterday I was in a meeting where we were asked to define “service culture”. My comment was that it…

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Podcast: Care Team Coaching for Health Care Professionals

Lots to Say…

By Pamela Hessler / July 16, 2019

One of my earliest memories was when I was 3 years old and my mom and her friend and I…

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Greetings from Phoenix

By Janiece Gray / February 6, 2019

This week Kevin Campbell and I had the opportunity to be in the unfortunately-not-so-sunny-or-warm Phoenix area for the AHA Rural…

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DTA Coaching Community – Interview with Rosalie Smith

By Janiece Gray / December 12, 2018

On the first Monday of every month, DTA convenes a community of Care Team Coaches from across the country. The…

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Getting to know the DTA Team: Pamela Hessler

By Janiece Gray / October 17, 2018

You know those people who you talk to for the first time, and it feels like you’ve known them for…

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Best Discharge Instructions Ever… When Things Do Go Right

By Janiece Gray / October 3, 2018

This past year we’ve been on a bit of an adventure with our eldest who’s been dealing with some ankle…

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From the Frontline – Upcoming Webinar: A Practical Approach to Achieving Patient and Family-Centered Care

By Janiece Gray / May 10, 2017

I’ve shared a bit about the book our team put together this year entitled “Beyond CAHPS – A Guide for…

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Fresh from the Front…

By Janiece Gray / March 21, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Earlier this week I had the pleasure of presenting at The Beryl Institute’s PX2017 Conference in Denver. As an added bonus,…

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An Unexpected Experience

By Janiece Gray / May 25, 2016

It was an eventful night. What was supposed to be a straightforward two-hour flight from Nashville to Minneapolis turned into…

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Service Culture Training: Sustaining & Supporting

By Janiece Gray / March 25, 2015

Organizations often believe that merely putting their staff through a training program about service will suffice for “fixing” their service…

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Service Culture Training: Implementing the Plan

By Janiece Gray / March 11, 2015

Instilling or re-shaping the service culture of your organization doesn’t happen overnight. In this series we are sharing some tips…

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Service Culture Training: Developing the Plan

By Janiece Gray / February 25, 2015

Shaping the service culture in a healthcare organization is not for the faint-of-heart. In this series we are providing practical…

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Service Culture Training: How to Get Started

By Janiece Gray / February 10, 2015

One of the comments we received on our post that described the “Defy the Asymptote” concept was about patient satisfaction percentile…

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