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Proven Results

At DTA Healthcare Solutions, patient satisfaction in healthcare is a passion, and helping organizations improve the patient experience is a core skill. DTA has time-tested, demonstrated expertise improving patient-centered healthcare in leading hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations. We specialize in a streamlined, efficient approach that builds core capabilities within your unique culture. Contact us any time to get started transforming your outcomes!

Develop a Roadmap
for Success

Whether you’re just getting started or your organization has hit a wall trying to improve patient satisfaction in healthcare, DTA can help you find a clear path to improved results. Starting with a comprehensive organizational assessment, we customize a roadmap with recommendations, technology and processes tailored to your current situation and future objectives. Every roadmap is rooted in our years of healthcare experience and is highly understandable and actionable for your organization.

Develop Customized
Service Culture Training

DTA offers customized consulting, not off-the-shelf solutions. We help organizations train all their staff in the key principles that improve patient satisfaction in healthcare. We help you create and customize service culture training sessions that reflect your healthcare organization’s culture and needs. Our “train-the-trainer” programs have proven highly successful in building the kind of internal capacity that leads to consistent, sustained improvement in patient-centered health care.

Create a Patient & Family
Advisory Council (PFAC)

One of the best ways to improve patient experience in healthcare is through a Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC). DTA makes it easy for you to create a PFAC, starting with a facilitated session to determine your organizational objectives. We then help create charters and assist with patient recruitment as well as facilitator training.

Find a Patient Experience
Vendor Partner

Evaluating vendors to administer CAHPS and other required surveys can be a daunting, time-consuming task. DTA can help you through the entire process of vendor evaluation and selection in a compressed timeline – as short as six weeks from engagement to decision. We conduct a thorough process that complements your internal team and amplifies patient experience objectives at all points of the process: Stakeholder interviews, organizational assessments, writing RFPs, developing evaluation tools, facilitating onsite presentations, checking references, and final decisions.

We can also assist with the implementation process if a transition decision is made. For those that want to take it to the next level, we have specific expertise working with organizations that employ an Enterprise Data Warehouse for more enhanced analysis of al their survey data related to patient satisfaction in healthcare.

Shadow Coaching for
Health Care Providers

In addition to tackling your organization-wide service culture, we provide individual, customized shadow coaching for health care providers, care teams, staff and leadership. In addition, our care team coaching tool enables coaches to maximize efficiency while providing custom plans and reports for those coached. It also preserves the 1:1 coaching relationship, but allows for aggregated cohort data to drive improvement. In addition to shadow coaching we have a unique training program, as well as “train-the-trainer” component that teaches your staff to lead it for ongoing refresher courses and continuity.

Other Patient Experience

In addition to the capabilities detailed above, DTA offers a wide array of consulting services related to patient satisfaction in healthcare. Ask us about our symposiums for healthcare leaders, physicians and staff. We reveal the essential behaviors key to improving patient-centered health care.

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