Care Team Coaching Tool

 Meaningful, Fast, and Polished Follow-up Reports

DTA Healthcare Solutions' streamlined care team coaching tool significantly cuts down on reporting time so coaches can get back to what matters most – helping team members deepen their skills. This proprietary technology allows organizations to customize key healthcare practices and priorities based on their unique service structure and approach. It's a streamlined, comprehensive tool that has everything your coaches need to generate thorough reports quickly and easily. The tool is available for desktop, tablet, or phone.

The DTA coaching tool simplifies the process of reporting back to people who have been coached, so your coaches can spend more time doing what they do best. Talk to us and find out how our technology and tools are helping to transform the coaching process.

Mobile App to Results Repository to Coatching Repor and Analysis / Trends

Technology Details

DTA Healthcare Solutions Care Team Coaching

The coach enters key variables into the coaching tool which quickly and easily generates the report

Care team coaching reports are generated by DTA and returned to the coach for final editing before sending to the coached care team member

Reports are treated as highly confidential between the coach and the participant at all times. Data security is protected.

Cohort analysis and trends are generated by DTA and sent to the client via email

Runs on a variety of smartphones, tablets and netbooks: Android smartphones and tablets v3.2 and higher; iPhone/iPad/iTouch v6.0 and higher

Also runs on Windows desktop devices including Windows tablets: XP or higher and any tablet running a Windows Pro version of Windows

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