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Working with DTA is a great option for smaller organizations that don’t want the expense of purchasing ultra-expensive data warehouse software, or hiring dedicated internal staff for healthcare data analysis and data management. DTA will custom-tailor, develop, manage, and support your data warehouse, reporting, and analytics environment. With DTA Healthcare Solutions, you choose your budget and DTA develops at the pace allowed by that budget. This significantly lowers barriers to entry and allows you to begin making progress toward your data and analytics goals right away. Clients have found our data management, warehousing, and analytics services to be cost-effective, impactful and just what they needed to make their data actionable.

Streamlined, Responsive
Healthcare Data
Management Services

Data warehousing, business intelligence, healthcare data analysis, dashboarding, analytics – whatever you want to call it, our extensive expertise in these areas means we can get you up and running with the information you need quickly and without business interruption. We know the fast-paced world of today’s healthcare environments means you don’t have time to wait on outcomes improvement, and that means getting to your fast. We’re here to make it happen!

We Speak
Healthcare Data

We focus exclusively in the healthcare industry, specifically with provider and payer organizations, so we understand the nuances of healthcare data analysis and metrics. This eliminates the steep learning curve faced by non-healthcare vendors and contractors. We’ve worked with patient satisfaction data, core measures and other quality data, readmissions metrics, productivity, claims and billing data, and on and on.

The Process

A typical outsourcing arrangement includes the following:

  • Initialization:
    • Select and configure the EDW environment hardware and software
    • Establish initial governance and prioritization structure (EDW Steering Committee)
  • Daily support and maintenance of the EDW environment:
    • Fix any data load issues
    • Address any issues with system performance and availability
    • Respond to issues and questions submitted from end-users regarding access and use of the EDW or other healthcare data management questions
  • Development of data content prioritized by the EDW Steering Committee, with the pace of development determined by the outsourcing budget
  • Development of Business Intelligence, reporting, and analytic solutions
  • End-user training on accessing data via reporting and ad-hoc querying tools, facilitating data content training
  • Participation in meetings related to data governance in healthcare, steering, or any other meetings where a data perspective would be helpful
  • The Compendium Data Catalog is our metadata, report catalog, and central metric repository. Contact us with your questions about this innovative app.

We do a lot more than manage your healthcare data analysis. Discover our comprehensive healthcare data management services.

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