Service Culture Training

Instill Service Culture Throughout Your Organization

To improve communication and achieve better customer service in healthcare, training needs to be built from the ground up. A successful program is rooted in each organization’s unique strengths and culture. DTA specializes in dynamic, deeply customized service training programs that deliver proven, consistent results.

Create Customized Service
Culture Training

Service culture training is one way in which service standards can be embedded into an organization. Our approach for creating a training program instills a consistent service culture:

  • Assess the organization’s current customer service in healthcare training programs
  • Develop a roadmap and determine resourcing
  • Project and amplify the voice of the patients and families, as well as the staff and physicians who care for them
  • Determine the approach for all aspects of customer service in healthcare training
  • Create tools and videos to support skills practice

Growing an Authentic
Service Culture

DTA’s personalized, data-driven approach is tailored to instill a vital service culture within healthcare organizations. Opportunities are identified through a patient experience data review, direct observations and stakeholder interviews as well as a review of employee engagement and physician satisfaction survey results. We also create dynamic employee and leadership focus groups to test feasibility and address concerns along the way. The results are a demonstrable, memorable and often remarkable. It’s highly engaging, customized customer service in healthcare training that works.

Service Standards

The first step is reviewing and assessing existing service standards in the organization. We then work with employees, physicians, and volunteers to develop a single set of service standards that reflect patient desires in their own words. Once the service standards are developed, they can be further vetted with any Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Over time, service standards can be embedded into job descriptions, hiring processes, and performance evaluations.

The Train-the-Trainer

To build internal capacity and help position the organization for longer-term consistency, effectiveness, and sustainability, we use a “train-the-trainer” model. This includes a clear progression that allows internal facilitators to become experts in the flow and content of training modules. DTA also coaches teams of facilitators through an initial stage of partnered teaching to ensure excellence in intent, pace, and delivery of the training. Coaches that we train are also introduced to our coaching reporting tool, which streamlines the coaching and reporting process.

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