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Shadow coaching health care providers is a proven method for performance improvement. DTA offers innovative shadow coaching that health care providers find supportive, helpful and even inspiring. Shadow coaching is uniquely designed for each participant and can encompass all aspects of communication with patients, across teams, and among staff.


To be fully prepared for value-based purchasing, it’s more important than ever to focus on patients’ perceptions of their care experience.

Reimbursement is increasingly tied to standardized survey tools (HCAHPS, CGCAHPS, ED, CAHPS etc.), and the questions related to communication and are the ones that patients most readily understand:

  • Did the provider listen carefully?
  • Were you treated with courtesy and respect?
  • Did the provider explain things in a way you could understand?

These crucial questions are essential outcomes improvement, and they’re all rooted in communication. DTA Healthcare Solutions can identify any stumbling blocks or issues in communication. Shadow coaching health care providers helps them enhance their skills, build competence and develop confidence – all without compromising clinical quality or productivity.

Custom Shadow Coaching
That Works

Although outcomes are measured in numbers, your healthcare providers are not a series of digits. Working in a supportive, highly individualized way is essential to assist your care team members with efforts in improving patient experience, while also improving the overall quality and efficiency of the clinical encounter. We do this through a number of time-tested training and healthcare coaching methods.

The Shadow Coaching

The first step is to meet your organization where it is, and build on what works. We don’t impose, we adapt to your preferred model of service culture. Our approach is dynamic and interactive. In the end each participant has a clear, customized plan for improving communications with patients. We find these customized plans are highly accessible and effective, because they’re rooted in the participant’s own personal strengths and opportunities.

Shadow coaching health care providers can lessen frustration and bring more joy to your providers, in addition to improving patient experience and outcomes.

Shadow Coaching

Coaching is not only a passion of ours, but it is also a specialty! We don’t just provide shadow coaching; we also train coaches within organizations for long-term sustainability. Our training model pairs trainees with experienced coaches. We provide an initial training workshop, the full training program progression and a capstone session after the individual training is complete. We also offer ongoing quarterly training sessions for coaches to maintain their skills, connection, enthusiasm and support for the work.

Given that we have trained more than 50 coaches across the country, we also established the DTA Coaching Community.  Our coaches all use our proprietary coaching reporting tool for prompt, streamlined reporting. This group connects monthly for the DTA Coaching Community Calls to discuss key topics related to coaching and feature best practices, interviews with experienced coaches and share tips and tricks to maximize the coaching experience.


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