Happy New Year 2020!

happy new year

Happy New Year 2020!

We at DTA have just celebrated the end of another wonderful year with gratitude for an expanding, wonderful team and the continued opportunity to work with amazing people all over the country. We met as a team just before the holidays to review our progress throughout 2019 and what we have before us in 2020 and I have to say… it’s exciting!

Recently I was asked to share a bit of my story and how I got here… how did I end up as a CEO & Founding Partner of an amazing team of people in their 8th year together? And honestly, I’m not sure. I found myself recounting that when we started DTA we only wanted to do more of the great work that we’d been privileged to do within a large health system and wanted to have the opportunity to do more of that with people all over the place. And that’s for sure the reality.

This year:

  • We’ve realized our dream of developing an service offering that enables small, rural, and/or independent health facilities to affordably harness their data through our data and analytics managed services model.
  • Our team has spent time in California, Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Oregon, Arizona, and Texas.
  • We had the opportunity to put together several podcasts – Kevin, Janiece & Jen all shared some here– check them out if you haven’t had the chance to do so!
  • New Care Team Coaches joined our DTA Coaching Community with new coaches trained in MN, IL, and CA.
  • Our team grew as we added a new teammate, Nick Bell, hailing from Alaska but making his way to Minnesota as we speak!
  • And we’ve expanded our coaching offerings to go beyond Care Team and Provider Shadow Coaching to include Leadership, Executive, Career, and Life Coaching!

As we look ahead to 2020, we’re excited to continue to support organizations in the great work that is before them – improving the care offered to patients and families across the continuum. We love doing this by supporting the data, analytics, and patient experience efforts of each organization we encounter.

I have a dear friend that I’ve met in my coaching training who hates odd years and so is convinced that 2020 is going to be amazing! And I’m standing in line with her with the belief that the best is yet to come.  But, enough from me, I think you should hear a bit from our team members about what they’re looking forward to most in 2020:

Pamela – I’m looking forward to expanding our new Leadership Coaching practice and engaging with people more through our fun social media presence.

Jen – Looking forward to continuing to work with current clients and starting to work with new ones. But I look forward to our quarterly team time together the MOST!

Nicole – Summer! Summers in Minnesota are the best!

Nick – What I’m looking forward to most is being in Minnesota! I’m excited to experience a new home and also that I get to build closer relationships with the DTA team and our clients!

Kevin – I’m looking forward to expanding our data and analytics managed services partnerships with smaller healthcare organizations, and also conquering more escape rooms!

So, there you have it – that’s what we’re looking forward to and we hope that we get to do some of it with you!

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Janiece Gray

I began my career as a social worker and later, with my Master of Health Administration (MHA), directed operations at Allina Health in Minnesota. I later directed patient experience at Allina. My background and experience give me strengths in approaching healthcare opportunities and challenges through a systems lens – with unique strengths, challenges and activation points. My experience is also informed by leadership roles leading performance improvement in patient-centered care and patient experience departments. Working in the client role with healthcare consulting firms inspired me to address some unmet needs in the industry, and to co-found DTA Healthcare Solutions. I have a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and find that the discipline of practice translates to healthcare work very well.

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