An Unexpected Experience – We interrupt this series…


It truly was an unexpected experience although not the kind we have been discussing in this series… Last Spring, I received a message on Facebook from a gifted colleague and dear friend, Carrie Brady. A company that she’d worked with was looking for someone to write a new book about HCAHPS. Carrie asked if I’d be interested. Was I ever! It turned out to be quite the unexpected dream come true for me in my career.

Fast forward a few months and I was writing away and greatly enjoying the process. Little did I know that it was a “bucket list” item for me. It was such a perfect opportunity to write about the work that our team at DTA Healthcare Solutions does to help organizations improve the care that they provide to patients and families.

Now, that it’s published, we’re so very excited about this book that we authored. I say “we” not because I have multiple personality disorder but because it was such a team effort. Technically, yes, I wrote the book but our entire team helped to brainstorm and edit the content, and a couple of the chapters are even authored by my partner, Kevin Campbell. Additionally, we were so pleased to get to feature some case studies from Allina Health by our good friends Dr. Steve Bergeson, Tracy Laibson and Janet Wied and also from El Camino Hospital by the wonderful RJ Salus.

Patient satisfaction has moved beyond CAHPS surveys and now requires an organization-wide approach to improve patient care and experience. Often a CAHPS survey doesn’t capture the entire picture of customer satisfaction, requiring a more proactive approach to the patient experience. Beyond CAHPS: A Guide for Achieving Patient and Family-Centered Care provides healthcare providers with the knowledge they need to construct a top-notch patient experience.

This book will help you:

» Understand how patient satisfaction has evolved into patient experience and patient-centered care

» Set up an effective patient-centered care structure throughout the organization

» Use data to effectively illustrate current progress and identify improvements and goals

» Strategize on how to work with staff and leadership to provide the best patient-centered care possible

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, here’s the link:

And if you like discounts, you can use this code to receive 20% off at checkout: MB331242

Ok, commercial over. Next time, back to the Unexpected Experience!

Janiece Gray

I began my career as a social worker and later, with my Master of Health Administration (MHA), directed operations at Allina Health in Minnesota. I later directed patient experience at Allina. My background and experience give me strengths in approaching healthcare opportunities and challenges through a systems lens – with unique strengths, challenges and activation points. My experience is also informed by leadership roles leading performance improvement in patient-centered care and patient experience departments. Working in the client role with healthcare consulting firms inspired me to address some unmet needs in the industry, and to co-found DTA Healthcare Solutions. I have a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and find that the discipline of practice translates to healthcare work very well.

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