Meet Our Newest Team Member Melissa Southwick!

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We’re excited to announce Melissa Southwick, the newest addition to the DTA Healthcare Solutions team and our first Client Success Manager. Read the Q&A to find out more about Melissa and what a Client Success Manager is anyway. Welcome Melissa!

DTA: Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, hobbies, stuff like that.

Melissa: I’m home-grown Minnesotan! I was born and raised in Waseca, MN, started college at Mankato State, and then finished my degree at the University of Colorado. I lived in Colorado for 22 years and moved back to Minnesota a few years ago. I currently live in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, surrounded by breweries. My hobbies are: anything outside! I love camping, especially in the BWCA*, biking, hiking, scuba diving, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and golfing. Unfortunately the golf season is much shorter here than in Colorado. 🙂

*Editor’s note: that’s the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for those of you unfortunate enough to live in a state besides Minnesota.

DTA: Rumor has it you had to come up with your own job title. What’s a “Client Success Manager”?

Melissa: “Client Success Manager” is a buzzword title that covers two complementary roles: a proactive “success” role and a more reactive customer service role. The bottom line is Client Success Managers build long-lasting relationships to help clients achieve their technology/data goals.

DTA: What are you going to be focusing on with DTA?

Melissa: DTA is investing heavily in their Compendium Data Catalog* metadata management product, and I will be focusing on making sure existing BIC tool customers are getting the most out of the product, as well as extending the BIC tool’s user base.

*Editor’s note: New name coming soon! Hopefully.

DTA: Anything else you want people to know about you?

Melissa: I LOVE LOVE to travel! I’ve been all over the world, but Japan is the country I have the most passion for and have been there more than 50 times. My first real adult job was a Flight Attendant for Northwest Airlines, yes, I’m dating myself.

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